Critical Theory vs Christianity

Excerpt from

 "Critical Theory"

by Paula Rodriguez

1. What are human beings?

​     Christianity: Human beings are created in                    the image of a good and loving Creator.

     Critical Theory: We are members of social                 groups locked in a struggle for power.

​2. What is necessary  to change the world?

     Christianity: God sent Jesus Christ to die                    on cross and to be raised from the dead to                   rescue us from our sin.

     Critical Theory: We must free oppressed                     groups from oppression.

Critical Race Theory is a Moral Issue

Excerpt from

"The Prayer of a Weary Black Woman"

by ​Rev. Billy Otten

"This prayer does nothing to help race relations. It casts nearly all white people as the enemies of God. It casts nearly all black  people as friends of God. But the Bible tells us that those who have faith in Jesus Christ--no matter their ethnicity--are friends of God. We should not think that God is on the side of the oppressed no matter what. And we should not think that God is against those who are in power no matter what. This isn't Christianity. This is (of course) Marxism."

Source: For Those in Peril, "The Prayer of a Weary Black Woman: Vistas in Woke Theology" by Rev. Billy Otten, PCA Teaching Elder. (pp. 132-136)