The Jerusalem Chamber was ... the meeting place of the Westminster Assembly, the committee of divines appointed by Parliament in 1643 to reform the Church of England. Among the documents to emerge from the Assembly was the Westminster Confession, which was to be the definitive doctrinal statement of English Presbyterianism.

​                                  --The Dean and Chapter of Westminster

The Westminster Shorter Catechism is among the most rich and concise summaries of Christian beliefs ever penned. Written and compiled for the Westminster Assembly in 1647 and finalized in 1648, the Shorter Catechism was originally conceived as a method of instructing children and new converts in the Christian faith. The catechism adopts the common method of question and answer, suitable for memorization and easy recall. It has now become an essential guide for all levels of learning. For those who wish to gain a clearer understanding of Christian doctrine, you are sure to be enriched and edified as you listen to this beloved resource.

​Photo of Jerusalem Chamber used by permission