Moral Decline

    Moral Decline and godlessness

    in America has reached epic 

    proportions in mainline churches,

    government, culture, and media.

  Apathy, Ignorance, Silence

   Equally dangerous are apathy,

   ignorance, and silence--especially on

   the part of evangelical leaders.

  Our Response

     To enable evangelicals to respond with

         Knowledge of the Bible

      Knowledge of this world

      Knowledge of moral & ethical issues


      Power & Action  

Speaking To

Church, State, & Culture



  1. Biblical Moral/Ethical Issues of the day
  2. Unbiblical Silence in the Church
  3. Politicized Moral/Ethical Issues
  4. Being a Watchman as well as Good

  5. A Plan to help Church, State & Culture
  6. A truly biblical "spirituality of the church

  7. Honor for Rule of Law and Higher Moral          Law of God (Acts 5:29).
  8. That troublesome issue of conscience

      when voting
  9. The Johnson Amendment
  10. Biblical Freedom and First Amendment

  11. Importance of being a Biblical Minority
  12. Sharing Christ with individuals in state

        and culture