Speaking To

Church, State, & Culture



  1. Biblical Moral/Ethical Issues of the day
  2. Unbiblical Silence in the Church
  3. Politicized Moral/Ethical Issues
  4. Being a Watchman as well as Good

  5. A Plan to help Church, State & Culture
  6. A truly biblical "spirituality of the church

  7. Honor for Rule of Law and Higher Moral          Law of God (Acts 5:29).
  8. That troublesome issue of conscience

      when voting
  9. The Johnson Amendment
  10. Biblical Freedom and First Amendment

  11. Importance of being a Biblical Minority
  12. Sharing Christ with individuals in state

        and culture


  Moral Decline

    Moral Decline and godlessness

    in America has reached epic 

    proportions in mainline churches,

    government, culture, and media.

  Apathy, Ignorance, Silence

   Equally dangerous are apathy,

   ignorance, and silence--especially on

   the part of evangelical leaders.

  Our Response

     To enable evangelicals to respond with

         Knowledge of the Bible

      Knowledge of this world

      Knowledge of moral & ethical issues


      Power & Action