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Guest Speakers: Dr. Peter Jones, Rev. Rob Pacienza

Host, Introductory Speaker:  Rev. Charlie Rodriguez

"In matters of morality the Christian Church should navigate the ship of state."

          - Charlie Rodriguez, Publisher/Author, Raising the Standard of Morality 


When evil is called good, and good evil by leaders in government and culture, then a country is no longer safe.

The Church must not only stand upon the authority of God's Word, it must also act upon it. It must warn that those in authority, rather than being a terror to bad conduct, have now become a terror to the good. 

It must proclaim the wisdom of God's moral law, which makes an orderly life possible, to an increasingly anti-Christian culture. This is the only thing that will bring hope to a state and culture in crisis.

Join us to discuss how the Church can work together to address these important concerns.